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Welcome to your community

Our Mission is to promote and encourage the development and advancement of Black women professionals in all areas of the sports industry nationally and internationally. Pull up a seat, sis, you can sit with us. We've been waiting for you. 

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Let's continue to move the culture of sport forward, together.

Join the BWIS community today to start engaging and networking with Black women professionals in all stages of their career in the sport industry. 

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Collaborating at Work

Imagine being able to build & grow a sustainable community

A place where Black women can support, educate, empower, and encourage those that have paved the way and those that are looking to find their way in the sport industry. 


From the beginning, Black Women in Sport (BWIS) has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaged community. We are a growing collective focused on improving our content and enhancing our community's experience. We are a great resource, offering opportunities for users to be active in a variety of topics and to engage with each other to form interesting and professional relationships with likeminded Black Women in Sport.

Hello, I'm Cara! 

Glad you're here and I look forward to getting to know you! Head over to our about page to learn more about BWIS and why we started. Did I already say how glad I am that you're here? 

Check out the About page. 

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How we level up together.


Whether you want to talk one on one, a group or team consult, or you need someone to speak to your organization, let's chat about where you are in your career and where you want to be! 

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An exclusive and private networking experience building community, personal and professional development, education and resources through  our invite only Linkedin group or facebook group. 

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Listen in on candid convos with Qualified Black Women in the sport industry at every stage in their career for BWIS inspo.

Are you ready, sis?

I am asking you today to be apart of this mission. Black Women in Sport is championing the empowerment and upward mobility of all Black women in the sport industry to be authentic leaders. Join me in creating a space for culture, consciousness, and community to thrive!


Listen up!

The QBW Podcast

Welcome to the Qualified Black Woman (QBW) Podcast. A space where a Black woman professional is free (and encouraged) to be her most perfectly imperfect, whole and authentic self. Join host Cara Holdsclaw interview game changers and explore the intricacies navigating corporate America and beyond in the sport industry as a qualified Black woman! #bwis #blackwomeninsport #qbwpodcast

let's work

Are you looking for professional or corporate solutions?

If you are looking to attract, hire, develop and retain women of color, BWIS works with human resources and business offices to develop and execute programming that fits your company's needs to create meaningful and impactful DEI processes. BWIS can assist you company in the pursuit of real diverse and equitable change throughout your organization. 

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