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You can sit with us, sis

What if you had a community of likeminded and ambitious women that challenged and supported you professionally in the sport industry? Look no further and get involved in BWIS! There is more than enough room for all of us to have a seat at the table. Actually, we saved you a seat and can't wait to get to know you! 

Invest in your community, invest in yourself

Networking is always identified as a key element in the pursuit of promotion and leadership in one's career. It's about who you know and who knows you. BWIS is a community to help you harness your drive and thrive with other likeminded professionals in all areas of the sport industry. 


Diversity is not just a buzzword, it is now being identified as an integral part that must be engrained in the foundation of any and all businesses and organizations in all business sectors. It's about time! Now more than ever it is important to know what makes you a professional powerhouse and how to tap into your super power. Get on a first name basis with women blazing trails in the sport industry that look like you. Representation matters and there is more than enough room for all of us. So, take your seat at the table. You can sit with us, sis! 

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lets connect

Do you want to be a BWIS Insider?

We will be sending out a monthly BWIS newsletter with all things sport business and Black women professionals in sports blazing a trail! Sign up below to subscribe to our email list and always be in the know with all things BWIS! 

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Here's how we grow together.



Do you want to talk about where you are in your career or how to pivot into a career in sport? Let's talk through your resume, cover letter, interview techniques and everything in between. 


Private Community

Tired of hearing about the power of networking? Me too, but its true! Its about who you know and who knows you. In these challenging times, networking has evolved and you can be a part of the growing BWIS community through your fave online platform. 

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The QBW Podcast

Coming Soon! 

time to level up

Let's continue to move the culture of sport forward, together!

Welcome to BWIS, a place where Black women can support, educate, empower, and encourage those that have paved the way and those that are looking to find their way in the sport industry. 







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