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hello there

I'm so happy you're here!

I hope you are aligned with the BWIS mission and vision and look forward to getting to know each other better. We want to know how to best serve the BWIS community and that starts with you! 


Hey, I'm Cara!

Hello, I am Cara Holdsclaw. I am so excited to share this community with you! I grew up as a basketball coach's daughter, always played sports, and then decided to learn and work in the business of sport. I have been able to work in a variety of areas within the sport industry; collegiate athletics, international sport, professional sport, sport academia...and it's been an incredible journey thus far!


I pride myself on being a great communicator and teacher. I am fiercely passionate about service leadership and building strong professional relationships. I am a brand and revenue growth strategist and a radical diversity and inclusion activist. (I'm also a musical theatre loving & singing hardworking mama and wife -- just thought I'd mention!) 


I want to continue to meet, network and grow personally and professionally with other likeminded and ambitious Black women in the sport industry. I also wanted to create a place where we can feel seen, be heard and keep it real navigating a career in sport. To be honest, I wanted to create a space that celebrates the comradely and sisterhood of being Black women in sport as opposed to seeing each other as threats and competition. I believe there is room for all of us. I also believe we can support, promote, and lift each other up and should be proud to do it! 

Hey girl, hey

Check out the QBW Podcast!

The QBW Podcast is a space where any and all Black woman sport industry professionals are empowered to be her most perfectly imperfect, whole and authentic self! Listen to conversations with Black women professionals in the game, sharing insights, education, and experiences as we continue to build community and move the sport culture forward, together! All QBWs welcome!!  

The "why we do it"

BWIS values


We believe in a collective of qualified Black women leaders lifting those coming up while also being held and lifted up by those that are ahead within our strong, resilient, and growing community. 


We want to provide resources and assistance that helps all the women in our community at all stages of their career. Period. 


True diversity is more than just a hot topic or a buzzword, it must be incorporated in the foundation of every organization. It must be embedded in the culture. 


We wanted to create a space for open and honest, judgement free conversations about professional and personal development for likeminded, ambitious women in the sport industry.  

let's work

Are you looking for professional or corporate solutions?

If you are looking to attract, hire, develop and retain women of color, BWIS works with human resources and business offices to develop and execute programming that fits your company's needs to create meaningful and impactful DEI processes. BWIS can assist you company in the pursuit of real diverse and equitable change throughout your organization. 

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